Make It Rain

Make It Rain
Some tips on how to squirt

If you have never squirted I know what you are thinking, “some people just can’t do it”. But I’m telling you that with a few helpful tips almost all vagina owners can make it rain. For some reason squirting is viewed as a mysterious thing, when in reality it is just fluid being released from your urethra during sexual stimulation. This blog will outline some tips and techniques to take your orgasms to the next level. Apologies in advance if you need to change the sheets 💦💦


1. Cum prepared

If you want to make yourself squirt you need to be in the right mood. Making it happen requires a vigorous, repetitive motion to apply pressure on your upper internal vaginal wall. This is high-energy stuff and you need to be in the mood to work up a sweat.


2. Start from the top

By now you may know that most squirting orgasms come mainly from G-spot stimulation. But your clit plays a big role in the process. This is because a vagina (like a penis) will become encouraged when aroused, and the best way to achieve this quickly is through direct stimulation of the clit. When your vagina is engorged it becomes far easier to apply the kind of pressure on your G-spot needed to bring on a squirting orgasm. So even though your clit is not the main event this time, don’t forget to show it some love.

3. G marks the spot

When it comes to squirting, the G-spot is where the magic happens. Fortunately, despite much confusion you don’t need a GPS to locate it, for vagina owners it is located 2-3 inches inside on your belly button side. On average it’s the size of a 10p coin and can feel slightly rougher or thicker than the surrounding vaginal wall. So with some careful exploration you should be able to locate it, and when you do you’ll know ;)

4. Pump it up

Now for some bad news, building up the kind of pressure required to squirt takes time and effort. The simplest way to describe the motion is that it needs to be more pressing up and down on the spot, rather than going in and out. You can do this with your fingers in a “beckoning” motion, or better yet use a curved toy to directly apply pressure to the G-spot. Start off slow but build to the level of a stiff massage, and keep going until you feel like you need to pee.


5. Shower time

As you get close you will feel a sensation that you need to pee building stronger. Don’t tighten up to fight it, just relax and push out ever so slightly. Many describe the sensation from cumming this way as a deeper, stronger orgasm with an extreme feeling of release. It’s these incredible orgasms that make the burning forearms and wet sheets well worth the effort.

Now this guide is not a guaranteed formula, and of course everyone will have tricks and techniques which work for them. So start with this guide and explore your body, be patient and eventually the heavens will open.

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